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Hostal Esteba

The cuisine of Hostal Esteba keeps alive a family tradition based in Catalan cuisine recipes. At our restaurant you will taste this traditional cuisine that combines fish, seafood, meat and vegetables of the region.
Thermal water has also had a historical influence on our population's cuisine, which is the reason why we offer a thermal menu that perfectly suits the occasion.


Price: €15
Starters, main course, desert, bread, home-made wine and water are included.
Service available from Monday to Friday from 13:00 h to 15:30 h

Price: €15

Price: €25 (including VAT)
Bread, home-made wine and water are included
Service: the whole week

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Thermal menu

The thermal waters of Caldes de Malavella have a balanced composition and a very positive impact on the local gastronomy.
For this reason, mineral water plays a major role in such varied dishes as batter-fried food, emulsions, boiled pulses, creams, bread, marinating, and even some pastries.